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Here is the story of Bayleigh Welsh Terriers at The Westminster Kennel Club Show of 2018. Behind the scenes with the Bayleigh family and friends, at the Welsh Terrier Breed ring, the triumphs, and the opportunity for one very special Welsh Terrier to represent the breed in the Terrier Ring.

Keith at Times Square

Sharon and Keith already feeling festive!

Khaleesi – Photo Credit: The New York Times

Behind the scenes, Khaleesi was visited by the New York Times, and was featured in The New York Times Behind the Scenes before Westminster article.

The Welsh Terrier Breed Judging began…

Sharon and Keith posing at the show.

Handsome Bayleigh Dog George won Grand Champion Select in the Welsh Terrier Breed Category. This fellow has quite a few accolades for only being 2 years old!

George got to celebrate his win with his owners, Geoff (above) and Denise (below).

Khaleesi, who is America’s #1 Terrier, claimed her throne as Best of Breed for Welsh Terriers. For the full breed judging video, go here. In her career as a show dog, Khaleesi has not only won continuously and proven her place in history as one of only 3 Welsh Terriers to be #1 Terrier in America, she has also been very loved by both her breeders, and her handler. Khaleesi and her handler Luiz have a very close relationship. Seeing their relationship in the show ring, and their joy together celebrating their hard work is truly a pleasure.

Luiz, Khaleesi, and Keith celebrate immediately after her BOB win at Westminster.

Who is more excited by the celebration? My guess is as good as yours, although Khaleesi is looking pretty ecstatic!

For years Sharon (left) and Keith (right) worked together to refine their Welsh Terrier breeding program. This night was a beautiful celebration of their work together, and for the future of Bayleigh Welsh Terriers. Sharon has retired from breeding and showing, and what better dog than Khaleesi, who has made history, to retire with.

Video of Khaleesi winning Best of Breed at Westminster 2018:

Khaleesi proudly went on to represent Welsh Terriers in the mass-televised Terrier Group portion of the 2018 Westminster Kennel Club show. What an honor. One of the reporters live-tweeting the finals simply said, “Khaleesi, mother of the… Ring!” Indeed. Like her namesake from Game of Thrones, Khaleesi is both triumphant, poised Queen, and also, beloved to those who are close to her. We celebrate Khaleesi!

Khaleesi, Mother of the… Ring!

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  1. Robyn Harmon

    We were so excited and proud of your beautiful Khaleesi. She has been an awesome representative of the Breed, and of course, we were delighted to see her Tuesday morning in the Breed (yay, streaming) and Tuesday evening in the Group. Obviously, we would have been much happier had she been awarded the Group win, but our enthusiasm for Shaireabs and Bayleigh never wavered. I am so proud to share my home with Bayleigh Snowdon Young Wizard, aka Harry, as he is such a handsome and sweet representative of our beloved breed. He gets a lot of attention wherever we go, and we share information about Welsh Terriers with so many interested people. Thank you, Keith, for continuing to Breed such fine representatives of Welshies, and to you and Sharon for your work together on behalf of Welsh Terriers.

  2. Ann Lettis

    So beautiful. Brought a smile and tears. You are all such exceptional people with some exceptional dogs. It’s been an honor to share just some of your awesome experiences.

  3. Michelle and Phoebe Harvey

    Phoebe (proud daughter of Spyder and Helen) always loves to watch her celebrity cousins represent Welsh Terriers everywhere! Such a joyful and rascally breed.

  4. Debbie Miller

    As a rejoined member of WCTA and as a reborn lover of all things Welsh being lonely for my favorite breed as my husband passed only a year ago I am so joyful that you did so well at Westminster. It excites me and makes me want to perhaps shop again. Just talking to RC Carusi did that and being so close to him now so that I can drive a pup back and forth and not keep her away is a great benefit. The last time I showed at Westminster was with my dog Am.Can.Ch.Aussie-Magic Kennel Ryba Moonbeam,atc. This was before I took over the Woodlander kennel name. How are the puppies? I know you said no one gets to even think of having one until the 28th but I look at the calendar and think “I can’t stand it!” I do wish I had hopes of one. Thank you for talking with me.

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