Nine years ago, Belle’s story was first chronicled on the website. Today it is updated with the latest on this special girl, a whole nine years later! Belle is now 16 years old, and looking better than ever.

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  1. Michael Martin

    Our sweet Gryffindor celebrated his 16th birthday on Sunday and on Monday night, yesterday, went to doggie heaven to play with his brothers and sisters. In looks and temperment, he was the embodiment of a Welsh Terrier and as with so many welshies, Gryffin was a true athlete and his heart was strong to the end. But the arthritic pain had progressed beyond the scope of any relief we could find and, having exhausted all the options, we said good bye and let him leave the pain on this earth. It is difficult to imagine a world without him in it – or wanting to be in that world – but reading your stories, especially of Belle and how she still enjoys life at an age most dogs never see is inspiring. Thank you.

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