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Recent events for Bayleigh Welsh Terriers have reminded us of some Bayleigh history!


Memories: Spyder and Longtime Bayleigh Handler Tracy

Handler Tracy Szaras has been with Bayleigh Welsh Terriers for 20 years. She showed Bayleigh Welsh Terrier Spyder to Bayleigh’s first Best in Show nearly 10 years ago in 2009.

Tracy and Spyder at MCKC in 2008

A Decade Later in 2018: Spyder’s Son Dazzle (shown by Tracy, of course!)

Spyder’s son from his last litter, Dazzle, bred and co-owned by friend Janet McBrien, is now being shown by Tracy. Together they have achieved a great deal in the short time they’ve been in the show ring in 2018. Six shows later, Dazzle has become a Grand Champion and recently achieved his first Best in Show at Magic Valley Kennel Club.

Last Year, at the Same Show…

At the same show last year, Khaleesi was Best in Show, Reserve Best in Show, and obtained four Group Ones.

Khaleesi with Luiz last year at the 2017 Magic Valley Kennel Club Show
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  1. Robyn Harmon

    Congratulations! I am proud to have joined the extended Bayleigh family with Bayleigh Snowdon Young Wizard, “Harry”! He is a love and makes friends everywhere! Thank you, Keith!

  2. Hi,I love your dogs.I especially love that they are structurally sound and intelligent.I compete in obedience with mostly gsd,field spaniel and recently a terrier mix. I’m looking to the future to possibly do some conformation and obedience with a smaller breed.I took Iams breed finder test it suggested Lakeland terriers,so that led me to you.Have you had anyone do obedience competition with your dogs?Thanks for your time,Shannon Canard

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