Billie's Big Move


I want to thank Keith Bailey and a young lady in NYC named Leigh for helping me to adopt one very extraordinary Welsh Terrier named Billie.

Billie, almost five years-old, needed a new home because she is dog aggressive and living in NYC where there is another dog, or two or three, every few seconds on the streets became quite difficult. I live in a fairly remote area of coastal North Carolina. Originally, I had been on the Shaireabs-Bayleigh website and had seen an available Welsh named Player. I called Keith Bailey but Player had already found a home in Bogotá, Columbia. Keith was very warm and friendly and she took my name and number, saying, “You never know.” Shortly later Keith called to tell me about Billie! And it turns out Billie was Player’s mother!

I called Leigh, Billie’s human mother, in NYC and we started talking about Billie and our lives over many calls and emails – laughing, crying, getting to know one another and sending each other photos. I started falling in love with Billie long-distance and I really liked Leigh. Leigh obviously loved Billie tremendously but she wanted to do the best thing for Billie. I am very grateful for Leigh’s love and generosity.

On November 9, 2010 I picked up Billie at the Raleigh airport and I cried with joy to finally hold her in my arms. Billie took to the transition with total confidence, playfulness and curiosity. True to her name, Billie is a real tomboy. She is just so cute, funny and fun that I laugh many times a day. Billie is also very affectionate – she sleeps curled up in my arms like a little teddy bear for an hour or more as I fall asleep. In the morning she licks my cheek and begins the Billie gymnastic routine – jumping, leaping in one or two hops like a bunny across a king size bed, going up, down and around the bed a whole lot of times. It is such a happy way to start the day! When Billie sees me with her leash she will jump up and down as high as my waist (and I am six-feet tall) and she buzzes around so fast I sometimes call her “Billie Bee.”

Leigh and I still talk, write and send photos. Billie and I look forward to a visit from her soon! So a great big thank you to Keith Bailey and to Leigh. And if you ever get the chance to adopt a Welsh from Shaireabs-Bayleigh, my advice is that it has been truly a beautiful experience for me!

Blessing to all, Virginia