Mr. Darcy’s Story

Mr. Darcy

I cannot begin my story without taking a moment to express my utmost respect and gratitude for Keith Bailey. Keith’s dedication to preservationist breeding combined with her wisdom, care and love of the breed, are what make Bayleigh Welsh Terriers one-of-a-kind. That, along with her ability to genuinely connect with people, guide them through the application process, match them with the right dog and continue to be there for them afterward, is what defines a positively memorable experience.
Having had a Lakeland Terrier as a child and an Airedale in my early adult years, my love of the “black & tan” breed was in my heart and my bones. As my children began leaving the nest, the sporty and spirited Welsh Terrier became the dog of my obsessions. I did my research and talked with numerous breeders and their clients, and ultimately chose Bayleigh Welsh Terriers for its longstanding reputation in quality breeding. My husband and I flew from Saint Paul to Knoxville in January, filled with excitement and anticipation around meeting our new puppy. When we arrived, though, what we experienced was way beyond our expectations, as Keith welcomed us into her home, introduced us to her adult dogs, gave us a tour of her super clean facilities and puppy pens, then brought us over to the gorgeous puppies waiting to meet us. I will forever cherish the moment when Mr. Darcy cautiously peeked out from between Keith’s ankles, carefully climbed over the threshold and walked over to us. It seemed as though Mr. Darcy already knew that he belonged with us. We spent a couple hours in Keith’s office talking with her as we bonded with our little guy. Thankfully, my husband had the sense to capture those precious first moments in videos and photographs, because I was completely distracted by all the graciousness and wet puppy kisses.

In addition to being to a wonderful host, Keith is great resource for anyone exploring Knoxville for the first time. She took a genuine interest in what kinds of things we liked and made excellent restaurant and entertainment recommendations. She also helped us prepare for the flight back to Minnesota with our puppy and remained accessible after we got home to ensure that Mr. Darcy was adjusting well to his new life in Minnesota, snowdrifts and all. Having read through all the helpful puppy owner resources available on her website, we were prepared with the right setup for Mr. Darcy in his transition and brought Keith’s vaccination and health recommendations with us on our first veterinary visit.

Mr. Darcy is six months old now and doing wonderfully. He loves playing in the backyard, taking walks to the park, going for rides in the Schwinn Rascal, maneuvering two (sometimes three) balls at one time, popping balloons and stealing our socks. He is amazing and we can’t imagine how we ever lived without him.

Anne Weston, Saint Paul, Minnesota