Meet the

The Bayleigh Welsh Terrier Handlers

Tracy Szaras

Her Story

Tracy enjoys the artful nature of grooming. She is a sculptor bringing to life the best qualities of the standards for the Airedale, the Kerry Blue, the Lakeland, the Soft-Coated Wheaten, the Smooth Fox and the Wire Fox Terrier, for example, and the Giant Schnauzer, as well as the Welsh Terrier. She credits her mentors Bergit Coady, Greg Strong, and Maripi Woolridge, with whom she apprenticed in her twenties, for sparking the fire to venture on her own and to finish her dogs to perfection. She is equally expert in presenting them in the ring.

Luiz Abreu

His Story

Luiz enjoys making a necessary connection with his dogs creating a bond through the unspoken languages of attention, energy, love, and trust. Under Luiz’s care, dogs understand their jobs in the ring and always want to do their best. Jennie (GCH Shaireab’s Bayleigh Maid of Honor) was the first dog Luiz campaigned to great heights. Over 2011-2014, Jennie catapulted to the top winning Welsh Terrier bitch of all time with forty-four Best in Show awards, a Group 2 at Westminster, and the #1 Welsh Terrier, all systems, three years in a row.