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Khaleesi is America’s #1 Terrier, and #8 Dog All Breeds

Very exciting news today: the statistics are up on Canine Chronicle: Khaleesi is America’s #1 Terrier, and #8 Dog All Breeds!
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Khaleesi continues to reign supreme

Khaleesi reigns supreme in the Terrier group! She continues to be America’s Number One Terrier, as shown in the current stats from Canine Chronicle.
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Etta and her puppies keep cool

It is quite warm in Knoxville right now, but Etta and her Puppies (sired by George) are finding fun ways to keep cool! Etta has been having a blast with the sprinkler, and the puppies are...
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Khaleesi Continues to Dominate the Terrier Group

Khaleesi now has 20 Best in Show wins, and continues to reign over the Terrier Group. Here is a video of her 17th best in show win under judge Rosemary Shoreman. Video courtesy of Patty...
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