Bayleigh Welsh Terriers at the AKC National Championship and AKC Agility Invitationals

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Bayleigh Welsh Terriers had a fantastic time at The AKC National Championship Dog Show. It was made even more special for me by being able to share the magic with my best friend Sharon Abmeyer!

Here are the stories of four different Bayleigh dogs.

Dazzle: America’s #1 Welsh Terrier Wins Best of Breed Four Days in a Row

Dazzle won Best of Breed four days in a row! He also won Best in Show at the 3rd largest Dog Show in American for 2018! Bayleigh Welsh Terriers would like to thank the esteemed judges Mr. Michael Koss, Group judge Mrs. Cindy Meyer, and BIS Judge Dr. Andrea Bradford for recognizing Dazzle, Ch. Brightluck Money Talks.

Dazzle is shown by handler Tracy Szaras who is in the magenta top in the videos. I am so grateful for the way Bayleigh handlers Tracy and Luiz present Bayleigh dogs. Special thanks to Matt O’Farrell for the videos.

Dazzle is now an AKC Grand Champion Silver!


Bayleigh’s Best Bet of Sanherpinc: A Brand-New AKC Champion!

Last weekend, Patrick became an AKC Champion! Patrick is now Ch. Bayleigh’s Best Bet of Sanherpinc after winning Best of Winners at the AKC National Championship Dog Show. Patrick also won Group 4 under terrier expert Mr. Peter Green at the AKC Royal Canin National Puppy and Junior Stakes. By the time you are reading this post, Patrick will have traveled to his new family home — stay tuned!


Janice, Herbie and Sookie: Agility Superstars!

Adjacent to the AKC National Championship are the AKC Agility Invitationals. Every year the top 5 Regular dogs and the top 1 Preferred dog in every breed (based on having gained the most Championship points earned throughout a year period) are invited to AKC Agility Invitationals. Sookie was invited as a Regular, and Herbie had the honor of being the selected Preferred Welsh Terrier. It was a blast to watch the two bark their way through the courses! What personalities they are.

Janice is amazing! She and I had a blast together, and we both marvelled at the fact that it has been 11 years since we met and she brought Herbie home. Time does fly. I really like staying in touch with the owners of Bayleigh dogs.

Their runs can be viewed below by going to the marks noted above the videos (easily done by scrolling!):

Jumpers – 1:31 mark

Standard – 3 minute mark

Hybrid – 1:08 mark

This weekend encompassed all that is important to me about Bayeligh Welsh Terriers: established quality, rising stars, friendship, and fun. I am grateful to all that help me make this possible. Happy Holidays to all!

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