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Kicking it off Saturday:

Bayleigh dog PACH ATCHC IACS Shaireab’s You’re Under Arrest, “Miles,” the Number One All-Time Most Titled Welsh Terrier Internationally, became the first Welsh Terrier to compete at the Masters Agility Championship at Westminster. With his owner and trainer Emma Kesler, Miles achieved a Double Q for his two perfect scoring runs, and the pair placed 4th in their division!

CLICK HERE to view the VIDEO of Miles competing at the Masters Agility Championship at Westminster and full story!

Photo: Sharon Abmeyer and “Miles,” Courtesy Emma Kesler.


Continuing into Saturday Evening:

The “20 Year Team” of Keith Bailey and Janet McBrien (owner and breeder), Sharon Abmeyer, Tracy Szaras, and Luis Abreu sparkled in their black tie attire with family and friends at the glittering Show Dogs of the Year gala to accept honors for GCH. CH. Brightluck Money Talks, “Dazzle,” who achieved Number One Terrier in America, 2019. Dazzle is the fourth of only four Welsh Terriers to earn Terrier of the Year (USA), and Keith Bailey’s second Terrier of the Year (USA) in three years. Exuding Welsh Terrier type—affectionate, noble, intelligent, intrepid, and indefatigable—Dazzle is the epitome of a complete dog who lights up the ring. Simply dazzling!

Photo courtesy

Photo: Janet McBrien and Keith Bailey, Courtesy

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Sharon Abmeyer, Keith Bailey, and Keith’s sons, Courtesy

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Sunday Honors:

Emma Kesler, owner of PACH ATCHC IACS Shaireab’s You’re Under Arrest, “Miles,” was awarded a Maxwell Medallion at the Dog Writers Association of America Awards for Best Series Dog Photographs, and was also honored with The Fidose of Reality Dog Blogger Award for her blog Read more here.

Denise Yates, owner of GCH. CH. Shaireab’s Bayleigh Enough Said, “George,” was bestowed the evening’s capstone, The Walter R. Fletcher Memorial Award, sponsored by the Westminster Kennel Club for exemplary coverage of dog shows in America. She was honored with a reserved seat in the Walter Fletcher Memorial Chair both nights of the 2020 Westminster Club Dog Show. The chair is located in the front row of the working press section on the arena floor of Madison Square Garden, adjacent to the tunnel through which the dogs and their handlers run to compete for Group and Best In Show judging. Read more here.

The Dog Writers Association is the most recognized professional writing association devoted to dogs. It was established on February 13, 1935 at a meeting at the Westminster Kennel Club in New York.

Read about record holders throughout Welsh Terrier history on the website founded by Denise Yates— The historical website, followed by sporting world professionals, historians, and dog enthusiasts in more than 50 countries, promotes the noblest of the Welsh Terrier: The Best of a Breed.

Welsh Terrier Record Holders Press Announcement

GCH. CH. Shaireab’s Bayleigh Enough Said, “George” with Denise Yates, Founder of Welsh Terrier Record Holders (, Portrait by Derek Glas.


The WTRH Official Crest, designed by Emma Kesler, Art Director for Welsh Terrier Record Holders, was nominated for the Dog Writers Association Best Single Illustration. It contains a trophy at the helm topped by a Welsh Terrier in profile; the shield of the flag of Saint David, the patron saint of Wales; and beautiful foliage for the mantling. Hand-lettering, designed by Marika Kesler, in a font based on Welsh stone carvings, indicates the motto—Urddasol, Dewr, Diflino—Welsh expressions selected by Denise Yates, which when translated, characterize three traits of the Welsh Terrier breed: Noble, Intrepid, Indefatigable.


Monday Morning and Tuesday Night:

GCH. CH. Brightluck Money Talks, “Dazzle,” wins Best of Breed and Group 2 at the 2020 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. View the video here.

Photo: Dazzle wins Best of Breed at Westminster 2020.

Photo: The Bayleigh Welsh Terriers group at Welsh Terrier breed judging at Westminster, Courtesy Emma Kesler.

Photo: Keith Bayleigh and Sharon Abmeyer at Westminster 2020, Courtesy Emma Kesler.

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