Buddy and His New Family

Buddy (formerly Harry) went home a few weeks ago. His loving family includes Storm, a former Bayleigh show dog. Shown too are two of Buddy’s human family members.

This Welsh Terrier loving family has been proactive about training, in order to ease the two into their new life together. Training is a must if your family already has a dog, and decide to bring another to the mix. I couldn’t be more proud of this Bayleigh family. Storm and Buddy are getting along wonderfully, and are sure to be featured in the Stories section of the Bayleigh website soon.

There have been quite a few new owner stories added to the website recently — go check them out! And if you are the proud owner of a Bayleigh Welsh Terrier, send us your story and photos. It is so fun to see Bailey dogs living life to the fullest with their loving families.

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