Angus: A Puppy Story


Our search for a Welsh Terrier puppy started after our two Jack Russell Terriers passed away after long happy lives. We love Terriers and while we had great experiences with JRT’s we decided we’d like to give another Terrier breed a try. After searching through the various Terrier breeds we settled on Welsh Terriers for a few reasons. First, they’re absolutely beautiful dogs. Second, they’re similar in size and personality to JRT’s which is the ideal size/confirmation for our active family of 5 (big dogs in a small, athletic body with big personalities!). In researching Welsh Terriers we read an article about them written by a gentleman in the UK (sorry, I don’t remember the article name/location now). This article explained that Welsh Terrier registrations have been declining recently as the poodle cross breeds have become popular. The article encouraged individuals looking for smart, active, compact dogs to consider the Welsh Terrier and encouraged individuals to contact reputable, AKC recognized breeders about adopting a puppy and registering the puppy with the AKC. Adopting from reputable, AKC recognized breeders allows these breeders to continue breeding Welsh Terriers true to the breed standard which helps ensure the long-term viability of the breed. So, we hit the AKC website to find an AKC recognized Welsh Terrier breeder.

This led us to Keith and Emily with Bayleigh Welsh Terriers. I have to admit, we were a bit intimidated by the prestigiousness of Bayleigh Welsh Terriers (I’m not sure you can find a more accomplished Welsh Terrier breeder) as we aren’t Dog Show people and were looking for a companion dog, not a show dog. We submitted an adoption application for a companion dog with the expectation that it might not be responded to because we weren’t in the show dog business. To our delight and surprise, Keith personally and promptly responded. She talked us through Welsh Terriers, the adoption process, what our expectations for a dog were, how we’d properly train and care for a Welsh Terrier and added us to the wait list for one of her puppies. Keith very clearly explained the process of adopting a dog and routinely touched base with us as litters were born to keep us informed of where we were on the wait list and when we might expect to receive our puppy. To our delight we received the call we were waiting for and received Angus, our 10 week old Welsh Terrier puppy a few weeks ago. He’s everything we were looking for! Active, smart, well socialized, true to the breed and has quickly become a loved member of our family. We couldn’t be happier with our puppy or the process!

It is worth noting that the adoption process takes time. Don’t expect to receive a puppy immediately. These litters are planned out months, even years in advance to ensure puppies are true to the Welsh Terrier breed standard. The right puppy is worth the wait, so be patient. Communication with Keith and Emily was great throughout the entire process. In the end know that you’ll receive the beautiful, well-adjusted Welsh Terrier puppy of your dreams. If a Welsh Terrier puppy is the right dog for you, I strongly encourage you to contact Keith and Emily, you won’t be disappointed. We couldn’t be happier with Angus and we’re happy to know that adopting a puppy from Bayleigh Welsh Terriers in some small way helps them continue to breed the highest quality, true to standard Welsh Terriers going forward and helps the Welsh Terrier breed remain viable, healthy and secure for future generations to enjoy.


Tony & Jessica Urruty
Houston, Texas