Kasia and Barbie’s story

Placing a show puppy with someone who lives in another country is a daunting prospect. The practicalities are complicated, as not all countries have the same regulations for importing live animals. There is also the problem of getting to know someone, who lives maybe several thousand miles away, well enough to be sure the puppy is going to a suitable home. The internet has made the world a much smaller place. We are now able to meet and form relationships with many people who 5 years ago would have been unknown to us. While email is a quick and easy way of keeping in touch, Skype is an invaluable tool for talking face to face and developing such personal relationships.

Kasia, of Ruda Slaska 5, Polask (Poland), first got in touch with us in 2006. We exchanged emails over the years, so when she inquired about a show puppy at the beginning of this year we felt we could send her a puppy, Bayleigh Shaireab’s First Act, with confidence.

We are becoming a truly international family with our dogs living and competing in Canada, Poland, Australia and Columbia. Here, in Kasia’s own words, is her and Barbie’s story.

Barbie is sleeping on my laps when I’m writing this story; when I look at her I know that dreams comes true and I’m very lucky: I have wonderful friends all around the world!

One day in the beginning of 2008, I talked with my mum about future plans and we again watched webpage of Sharon and Keith, and she said why don’t you write to Kelly and ask her for help (Kelly is American but lives in Germany. She and her husband Russ visits Poland very often because of shows and one day I met Kelly and Russ on the show)? It was too easy I thought but I wrote to Kelly an email and waited for results.


Kelly made from impossible thing a possible: she announced me that Keith and Sharon has already agreed!!! We arranged that Kelly took a puppy in October during Montgomery dog show. In the meantime we wrote with Sharon and Keith. They asked what kind of dog I want, what I expect and so on. Sharon sent me also a contract. I still wonder who was more stressful before coming Barbie to me?? Finally October has arrived and I waited for first text from Kelly when she took my girl. Kelly wrote only: “Kasia, she is wonderful”. On 12th of October in the evening Barbie was in Poland!! Russ gave me this black and tan beauty and she bites me in the nose! I was surprised that after many hours in the car she was full of life: she kissed my whole family and started to play with dogs – no stress, no fear just pure Welsh joy.

Now she is a little rascal. She sleeps of course with my bed. Good that I have a big bed and me and Alex, my first Welsh, and Barbie have a free space. She is also a material girl: she loves credit cards and she likes chewing paper money.

I was surprised that Barbie has so fantastic coat and she has wonderful bone and movement I have never seen again! I’m groomer but when I saw her perfect coat I had to change my way of trimming. She is 100% Welsh Terrier character. A week after coming, she was on the first dog show in Poland and . . . . she got BIS Puppy!!

I can only say that it was the best choice that I trust to Keith and Sharon. Barbie is my wonderful sparkle diamond and any words can’t express what I feel and how I’m grateful. I hope that Barbie is the first act to wonderful cooperation between our kennels. I’d like to thank Kelly and Russ for their big help, Keith and Sharon for confidence and Barbie and to my parents for financial help and support.