Nine Years Ago...

It's Never Too Late

and You are Never Too Old...

and those adages are true, especially if you are a Welsh Terrier. Case in point, “Belle” (Ch. Shaireab’s Symbol of Honor JE), who was 7 years old in August. She had gotten her Championship by the age of 2 and has since whelped several litters. In November she went to Alabama and won 2 additional titles; the American Working Terrier Assoc. “Certificate of Gameness” and AKC’s “Junior Earthdog” title.

For all that she has done for me I felt she deserved a special reward. Since she has had to share not only her home, but myself as well, for most of her 7 years I wanted to give her something she had certainly earned thru her dedication to whatever task was asked of her and her devotion to me. The best possible scenario was a new home, where she did not have to share with anyone or anything. Fate shined on both of us, in the name of Patrice, who lives in Virginia. How we were so fortunate I’ll never know but we all met on a Sunday not so long ago and it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!

Giving up a beloved dog is never an easy thing, I’m sure. This was a first for me but after all my emails and conversations with Pat I knew Belle would love life with her. Knowing in my heart that Belle would be so happy in this new circumstance made giving her up not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. I trust that she and Pat will share many, many years of happiness.

So, for those of you who feel a young puppy may be more than your lifestyle can accommodate, there is always that wise and much-traveled, and (hopefully) well trained, “retired” Welshie who has done all that we have asked of him or her and is now looking for new “worlds to conquer”. The undaunted spirit of the Welsh Terrier never gets old; walks are never too long, toys are never too boring, there are never too many faces to kiss or too many laps to sit on. As a breeder I can truly say, our retired Welshies are treasures not to be overlooked and when given the opportunity to love you and share your life they step into that role as if they had been there forever.

I wanted to update you on Belle. She’s adapting well to her new home environment and neighborhood. We’re walking every day, and the halti collar works well to keep her from pulling. Her veterinary checkup went fine, the microchip was read and I sent in the paperwork to change the owner contact info. Please forward her spay certificate when you can as I should be applying for her county dog license this month. We’re enjoying her company, and it’s obvious that she’s a pretty smart cookie. My family was charmed by her on Thanksgiving and even 5 year old Megan gave her a little kiss before they left. Thanks for sending the dog sweater with us–it’s so cute and for right now I’ll wait on getting her a coat or other outerwear. I’m going to try out the new nail grinder this weekend.

Nine Years Later in 2017...

Belle is 16 years old and spritely as ever!

The Latest on Belle

A truly Remarkable Girl

Ihave been fortunate to own 3 Welsh Terriers over the past 35+ years. When Tali passed over the Rainbow Bridge in October 2008, I knew I wanted another Welshie companion. I immediately began an online search and found the Shareabs-Bayleigh website. I completed an online application for a Welshie and indicated that I would be interested in an older dog rather than a puppy. Within minutes of submitting the application, I received a phone call that Belle was an available 7 year old retired brood bitch and thus began my conversations with her owner, Carolyn. By late November, Belle was ready to come and live with me in Virginia. I drove to Knoxville to meet Keith, Carolyn and Belle the week before Thanksgiving. I was concerned about how Belle would transition to a new household, but it was amazingly easy. Like most terriers, she is headstrong and lively, but also extremely affectionate, sweet natured, intelligent and fun!

My backyard is wooded and fenced and offered lots of space for exploring and hunting chipmunks. Belle made friends with the Siberian husky in the neighboring yard, and they would run sprints along the fence line. We began a daily routine of walking in the neighborhood for 2-3 miles. Belle is a great traveling companion as well and has traveled with me around Northern Virginia on weekend hiking adventures, along the Potomac River, and to the mountains for longer getaways. She’s not deterred by rain or snow and has enjoyed romping and tunneling in deep snow during some of our major snowstorms. She is beloved by everyone she meets—my daughters, my mother, brother and sisters, nieces and nephews, and my friends. She’s well behaved when traveling and welcome wherever we go. These days we’re traveling to Bob’s house in the Shenandoah Valley on most weekends, and she’s had the freedom to explore the property unleashed!! We planted a large vegetable garden in the country this summer, and Belle ambles through the garden and seems quite taken with this new experience.

Belle has been a great walking companion in my neighborhood over the years, and at age 16 she still enjoys her daily walks of up to a mile or so. Belle’s terrier spirit remains strong at her advanced age, and she amazingly runs sprints in the house most days when we return from our walk. I’m so happy to have her as a companion, and our success is a testament to the great outcome of bringing an older dog into my life and home.