Drake: An internationally successful show dog, and now, a dedicated family man!


A Beloved Member of the Jackson Family

Since Drake came home with us on that cold day in January 18 months ago, he has become a beloved member of our family. As you know, we had been planning to add a Welsh Terrier to our family since our girls were born because of the breed’s looks, size and friendliness. However, when it came time for us to “get serious”, I was very hesitant to get a puppy and asked you if you knew of any older dogs that needed a home. That’s when Drake came into the picture.

We never would have believed that a nearly three-year-old dog could join our family and assimilate so easily. I look back and can’t imagine a time without him. He is our daughter’s best friend, my walking companion and my husband’s stress reliever. He is so patient and kind with our kids while still becoming a feisty terrier when my husband wants to play tug of war with him. He also loves to learn new tricks, like jumping through hoops and shaking hands, which we never believed would be possible with an older dog.

Shortly after we got Drake, my husband was hospitalized and needed to take time off of work. I don’t know what he would have done without Drake. Drake was his constant companion during this time and would literally follow my husband around or sit on his feet! He is truly a beautiful soul.

Thank you so much for all of your advice when we’ve called with questions – and thank you, most of all, for trusting us with Drake. We love him and hope to one day add another of your Welsh Terriers to our family.

With Love,
The Jackson Family