Dear Keith, It has been 2 months since we brought Ernie home to Delaware and our family is enjoying every moment with him. We decided to get a new puppy after our bulldog passed away in September. We looked at different breeds and felt that the Welsh Terrier was a very cute dog. As we searched for breeders we noticed that Shaireab’s Bayleigh Welsh Terriers was located in Knoxville, Tennessee which is where my husband and I graduated from college…Go Vols! We could go visit campus and also get a puppy!

Keith contacted us shortly after we submitted our puppy application and we had many questions. The one thing that had us most concerned was that we were 600 miles from Tennessee and we would not be able to see the puppies or pick out the puppy we wanted. We had never purchased any of our other dogs without seeing them first and being able to go and pick out the puppy we felt would best fit with our family. We had to leave this all up to Keith, and the only thing she had to go on was that we wanted a male puppy that was easy going.
I spoke with Keith numerous times and every time she was very open and informative. She understood our apprehension about getting a puppy we would not be able to pick ourselves and reassured us that we would get a wonderful puppy. She never made me feel as if I was bothering her with numerous calls in the same day about what puppy we would get and when even though I knew I was one of many calls she had taken throughout her day.

Keith had always reassured me that there would be a puppy available at the end of February. She told us the puppies needed to be “evaluated” and then they would decided if there would be a puppy available. Keith explained to me that the handler would check the puppies to see which puppies would be available for a home. So we waited for Keith to call and honestly thought there was no way we were going to get a puppy because I believe Ernie was the only male in the litter. My husband wanted pictures of the puppy, the handler had to evaluate the puppies, our kids were dying for a puppy…when was this going to happen? Keith called us exactly when she said she would and stated “we have a male puppy for you”. Our family was so excited. We set a date and time to pick up Ernie and headed to Knoxville.

Keith picked a perfect puppy for our family. He is playful but also likes to take naps. His temperament is great. He is also very well adjusted. I truly believe this is due to the time and effort Keith takes in caring for these puppies. We stayed at Keith’s home for about 2 1/2 hours and could have stayed longer if we didn’t have to get on the road to go back to Delaware. I feel as if I have known her for years and it has only been 5 months since we started the process. Keith called us the day after we brought Ernie home to make sure we didn’t have any questions and to check how he was doing. Keith is always available. For instance, I called her regarding “clipping” Ernie for his haircut and she took the time to give me some pointers and recommendations. I never feel as though I am a bother to Keith when I call and this is really what sold me with Shaireabs’s Bayleigh…she is a very nice and sincere person. She definitely has the family and puppy in mind when choosing which puppy should go to which family.

Ernie was very well behaved on the 600 mile drive home. He slept in his carrier most of the time. He is basically housebroken and has always slept through the night. He hasn’t chewed anything although he does have numerous toys. He walks about 2 miles a day and has passed all his vet visits with flying colors. He is currently 11 pounds and just had his first haircut by me. I did hand strip his “jacket” and used sheers for his legs and face. He did well for his first time. I am very pleased with Shaireab’s Bayleigh Welsh Terriers. I hope to get another puppy in the future for Ernie. We will definitely be visiting when we go to a football game in Knoxville.

Thank you! Angel Godek

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