Harry Checks In

Dear Keith and Mom Jennie,

Hi from SC! My new friend, who calls me Harry, and I had a nice long drive from Knoxville to Greenville yesterday. Well, she drove–I napped, from 5 minutes away from Keith’s house until I woke up as we drove by my new sister’s university, Furman, at which point I woke up and started howling. My driver thinks it was the Alma Mater or the Fight Song–Sissie was delighted, in any case! I like my new house, with plenty of space for little walks and treats when I do things in the yard. I am not allowed to chew the interesting stuff like shoes or cords, but there are oodles of big chewy squeaky soft toys. Woohoo–Christmas in July!

I have not met neighbor animals yet–too soon for that–but the neighbor people seem like keepers. Hope they all learn the treat thing. I like to play hard–I bounce a lot and I move really quickly, and then I crash hard. I just practiced selfies, but they may need some work!

The Driver says she is relearning puppy time–but she thinks I am amazingly cute, talented, brilliant, handsome, and loud when I want to be.

I say it is dinnertime! Bye for now!

Harry and his driver, Robyn