It turns out that Miles’ brain is too big and his teeth are too large for such a little head.


After a year of planning and waiting, I got the phone call. My puppy was ready. I’d never met a young Welsh terrier before and I hadn’t met the people who raised this one. Not only that, but he was flying to me from far away, a puppy on an airplane. But despite the uncertainties, I felt sure about my decision and about the home Miles was journeying from. Keith had gotten to know me over the months, and I always looked forward to speaking with her.

It turns out that Miles’ brain is too big and his teeth are too large for such a little head. He is also by far the friendliest dog I’ve ever met. Prior to bringing him home, I reserved judgment about what kind of training methods I would be using, and about how exactly this new personality would fit into my life. I later learned that this truly is the best way to approach your first Welsh terrier. It is good to get a sense for what they are like before you dive into a training routine that might not fit. They are social, intelligent, active and creative. Even if it seems they aren’t listening, they are always observing you and absorbing how you react. They may have beady little eyes but they are definitely watching.

Welsh terriers are fast learners, which can be good or bad, depending on what endeavor they choose put their energy towards. As an owner a sense of humor and flexibility is a must to enjoy what these characters have to offer. Miles is too smart to follow all directions without consideration and experimentation.

Now that he is grown up, Miles and I are learning agility. It always amazes me how after a crazy run where he is tearing around he’ll suddenly shock his audience— and me — by following up with a great run. He looks me in the eye afterwards, as if to say, “What? This is easy. I just like to mix it up sometimes.” He always knows how to have fun.

I’ve taught Miles a little bit about self-restraint (a must when living with uptight humans), and in return, he has trained me to live a little (something us humans forget to do). I am a lot more relaxed and relishing of life now that Miles is in mine. He is a constant companion and a good traveler. If you can provide enough physical and mental activity for a Welsh terrier, you’ll have a hilarious, clever and loving buddy to share your time with.

Keith and Sharon are knowledgeable, honest and dedicated. I am thankful to them for Miles.