Nauti Buoy Bryce

Nauti Buoy Bryce


Hello Keith, We just wanted to give you an update on our very special boy Bryce. He has adapted beautifully to his new life with us. I truly believe that Bryce feels he has come to live with an adult version of terriers. Our life is active and we keep him very busy with a lot of mental and physical exercise. A welsh terrier has been the perfect choice for us.

After leaving your home we drove to our home in Cincinnati. Bryce had much to explore inside and outside. He figured out the indoors in less than a day and loves watching TV on the sofa with us. The house is his kingdom. He has become the hit of our neighbors and loves when his canine friends come to visit. Bryce is sweet, loving, strong willed and a very funny little guy. Nothing gets by him. He is always observant and never wants to miss a thing.

After two weeks in Cincinnati we flew him with the special Delta service to Baltimore, MD. When we met Bryce in Baltimore he was calm and happy to see us. Well, the real test was going to be how would he do on “Island Hopper” our boat. With his nautical name he proved he has sea legs and the love of being on the water. Bryce is calm and well mannered on the boat. He already has 850 miles of water travel.

At the end of August he will have spent two months from Baltimore, MD to Montreal, Canada and back to Brewerton, NY where we leave the boat for the winter. Then We will be back to Cincinnati for September and October. Late October Bryce will drive with us to our place on Tidy Island in Florida for 6 months. Whether being on the boat or at our house he understands that his business needs to be done outside.

We cannot “Thank You” enough for selecting our application to become the proud owners of Bryce. His loving nature makes him want to please and follow our directives. As our granddaughter, Ella (age 3) says, “Bryce is nice”. He is an important part of our family and we absolutely have fallen in love with him.

Debbie & Kevin Hopper

Enjoying Life in Cincinnati & Life on the Water