With Poppy’s first birthday imminent, here is the update on her life with us.

POPPY IS WONDERFUL! She is the sweetest, most joyful terrier I have ever owned with the mischievous, canny personality I love. She is still a lovable lapdog and purrs when you rub her.

And she really believes every person and dog we meet likes her. And they do.

Life is her grand adventure. She is a proud and confident terrier. Her tail is up constantly and wags vigorously. She is still the most laidback terrier I’ve owned who adapts to every situation.

She is so gorgeous. Since her heat, she has filled out nicely especially in her hips, however she is not heavy at all, still just about 18 pounds. Our vets are just enthralled with her since they have not seen a Welsh in decades and think she is the best.

Below is our contractor holding Poppy. They are the best of buddies.

And this is my husband on a James River walk!

She plays constantly with Bart, our other dog and they are wonderful companions. Her enthusiasm for romping matches and exceeds his. Our yard is their racetrack. We completed a dog obedience course last week. She did well enough that the instructors asked if I was going to compete with her. You will so understand that Poppy does have the terrier mind of her own and I remind her to follow commands. The most difficult for her is down….unless there is a treat in sight. I am thinking about agility training.

Thank you for a wonderful dog.

I am constantly running into people who want a Welsh like Poppy. I do not blame them. She is the best!