Montgomery Kennel Club All Terrier Show 2017

With Montgomery Kennel Club All Terrier Show starting tomorrow, Bayleigh Welsh Terriers would like to share the MCKC “Little Red Book” pages that will be featured as part of the show. These pages represent the most important news from the last year for Bayleigh Welsh Terriers.

First of all are Jennie, the Top Winning Welsh Terrier Bitch of All Time, and Khaleesi, America’s Number One Terrier for 2017. Two proud examples of the best of modern Welsh Terriers.

Next, a celebration of the work and friendship of the very special Sharon Abmeyer. What a wild ride it has been, and Sharon is one of a kind. Sharon has been very influential in this breeding endeavour and for the breed of Welsh Terriers.

To close the segment are the lovely faces and sweet well wishes of Shaireab’s Bayleigh Enough Said, “George” and owner Denise. What a great pair these two make! This picture really shows the Bayleigh way of stunning dogs, who aren’t just show dogs, but also beloved companions.

Best of luck to all!