The Weekend Khaleesi Became #1 Terrier

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A lot goes on behind the scenes of a successful show dog

On Thursday and Friday, Khaleesi was Best in show both days. It was during this weekend that she became the #1 Terrier in America. What an exciting and proud moment it was for Bayleigh Welsh Terriers!

On Saturday, Khaleesi was Reserve best in show to the current #1 dog in America, a gorgeous Bichon handled by the charming Bill McFadden.

A Magical Weekend

On Sunday, Khaleesi was once again Best in Show. In total, she won Best Terrier in both Northern CA Terrier Specialities, and RBIS and BIS at Sacramento Kennel Club Shows. Truly a magical weekend.

Khaleesi’s wins from the weekend

On the Road with Tracy and Luiz

Bayleigh Welsh Terrier handlers Tracy and Luiz in the rental car with Khaleesi, and catching some zzz’s at the airport after a huge show weekend

Behind the Scenes of the Photoshoot

To capture the moment Khaleesi became America’s #1 Terrier, handlers Luiz and Tracy encouraged Khaleesi to show off her personality and charm for photographer Derek Glas.

The culmination of a lot of high quality work: Khaleesi is proudly America’s #1 Terrier