What’s in a Name? Dazzle, The Number One Welsh Terrier

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Dazzle – Brightluck Money Talks was sired by GCH Bayleigh Shaireab’s Super Hero, who had a very successful show career and is now Keith’s buddy at home (along with Jennie). Dazzle’s dam is Brightluck’s Dashing Cash Bonus. He was bred by Janet McBrien. Dazzle is a wonderful part of the Bayleigh family and is proving his part of the Bayleigh legacy. Dazzle is currently the Number One Welsh Terrier.

Dazzle: What’s In a Name?

When a beautifully bred dog is showing, it is fun to have a theme for them. Bayleigh Welsh Terriers likes to think outside the box, and when renowned graphic designer and photographer Derek Glas suggested Dazzle’s theme be based on the history behind his name, Keith loved the idea. The term “dazzle” used to be used to describe a very arresting stye of millitary ship painting and camoflauge.

This bold and contrasting style of color block patterns made it difficult to tell how far away a ship was, and therefore more difficult to target. The dazzle pattern even inspired famous artists such as Picasso in their work.

The bold, arresting, and vibrant patterns fit perfectly with Dazzle’s personality and his eye-catching form. We quite think it suits his advertisement, don’t you?