Bayleigh Welsh Terriers Trip The Light Fantastic Westminster Weekend 2020, Story By Denise Yates

  Kicking it off Saturday: Bayleigh dog PACH ATCHC IACS Shaireab’s You’re Under Arrest, “Miles,” the Number One All-Time Most Titled Welsh Terrier Internationally, became the first Welsh Terrier to compete at the Masters Agility Championship at Westminster. With his owner and trainer Emma Kesler, Miles achieved a Double Q for his two perfect scoring...
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Bayleigh Dog “Miles” is the First Welsh Terrier to grace the AAC National Agility Podium

Huge congratulations to Miles and Emma for such a historic accomplishment! Miles is the first Welsh Terrier to grace the National Podium of AAC Agility, and also the first Welsh Terrier to consistently make the Regional and National Steeplechase finale. No Welsh Terrier has accomplished either of these feats in AAC Agility, which just celebrated...
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“The Welsh Terrier Record Holders”

Bayleigh Welsh Terriers is very excited to share the newly published article “The Welsh Terrier Record Holders” by Denise Yates in the prestigious publication, The Canine Chronicle. The article is meticulously put together, and honors the Welsh Terriers who hold records in all areas of breed excellence. Below are snapshots of the article – to...
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Herbie and Sookie at AKC Agility Nationals

What better story for your Sunday than seeing Sookie and Herbie at AKC Agility Nationals? On March 23-25 AKC Agility Nationals were held in Reno, Nevada. Herbie and Sookie were in attendance, rocking Welsh terrier attitude in full force! Thank you Janice for sharing some of your runs with us.
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Herbie & Sookie at the 2017 AKC Invitationals

It was so wonderful to see Janice, Herbie and Sookie in action back in December at the 2017 AKC Agility Invitationals. Herbie and Sookie made me so proud as a breeder. Here are some fun memories of their event! Janice and Herbie: Janice, Herbie and Sookie at the 2017 AKC Invitationals in Orlando FL Flying...
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A Welsh Terrier’s MILEStone Year of Agility

As a breeder of Miles, I am excited and proud to share his exceptional achievements in Agility! Click the link or image below to check out photos of Miles competing and proudly posing with his wins. In 2017 Miles earned 164 clean runs and 18 titles through three organizations. This dog truly loves his job...
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